When a narcissistic ex-husband won’t leave you alone

• The ex husband may be exhibiting stalking behavior: This is not only creepy, but it’s also illegal. If the ex-husband is showing up at your workplace or home uninvited and/or following you around town, this should raise some red flags.

• Narcissists often struggle with accepting rejection and moving on from relationships: Let’s face it – narcissists are like toddlers who refuse to share their toys. They want what they want when they want it, and if they don’t get it, watch out!

• It’s important for the person being harassed to set clear boundaries and communicate them firmly to the ex spouse: Don’t let him think that he can just waltz back into your life whenever he feels like it. Make sure you’re firm in your stance that his presence isn’t welcome.

• Seeking a restraining order or involving law enforcement may be necessary if the harassment continues despite attempts at communication: Sometimes people need more than a stern talking-to; sometimes they need a good old-fashioned court summons.

• Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance, lack of empathy, and an intense need for admiration: In other words, these folks have egos bigger than Texas (no offense intended towards Texans).

• This can lead narcissists to feel entitled to attention and validation even after a relationship has ended: Just because you’ve moved on doesn’t mean Mr. Ego Man has too! He might still feel like he deserves your time and energy…but we all know better than that!

• Therapy or counseling may help both parties move forward in a healthier way: While therapy won’t magically turn someone into Prince Charming overnight (or Princess Charming), it can provide insight into why certain behaviors occur.

• Friends and loved ones should offer support but avoid taking sides or engaging in negative talk about either party involved: You don’t want Aunt Mabel telling Uncle Joe that your ex-husband is a no-good, dirty scoundrel. That’s just asking for trouble.

• The ex husband may use manipulation tactics such as guilt-tripping or gaslighting to try and maintain contact: “But honey, don’t you remember how much fun we had at the county fair? Don’t you want to relive those memories?” Ugh…just say NO!

• It’s important for the person being harassed to prioritize their own safety and well-being over trying to appease the ex spouse: Your safety comes first! Always make sure that you’re taking care of yourself before worrying about anyone else.

• Narcissists often struggle with accepting responsibility for their actions, so it may be difficult to get them to acknowledge that they are crossing boundaries: Trying to reason with someone who thinks they can do no wrong is like trying to teach a cat algebra – it ain’t gonna happen!

• A support group or therapist who specializes in dealing with narcissistic abuse can provide valuable guidance and validation during this time: Sometimes talking things out with people who understand what you’re going through can be incredibly helpful.

• In extreme cases, a private investigator may need to be consulted if there is reason to believe that the ex husband poses a physical threat: If Mr. Ego Man starts showing up at your house wearing black gloves and carrying rope, please call 911 immediately (and then maybe hire an investigator).

• Maintaining no contact (blocking phone numbers, social media accounts etc.) is usually the best course of action when dealing with a persistent narcissistic ex partner: Out of sight really does mean out of mind – especially when it comes down from blocking all forms of communication.

• It’s common for those who have been involved with narcissists experience trauma symptoms even after leaving the relationship; seeking professional help can aid in healing from these effects.: Just because he’s gone doesn’t mean his impact on your life is gone too. Seek professional help to aid in your healing process.

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