How to get a narcissist husband to leave you

• Confronting a narcissist husband about leaving can lead to their anger and retaliation.

You know the saying, “Hell hath no fury like a narcissistic spouse scorned”? Well, it’s true. Narcissists hate losing control over their partners, so telling them you want out can trigger some explosive behavior. It’s best to plan your exit strategy before having that conversation.

• Document any abusive behavior or threats made by the narcissistic spouse for legal protection.

Paperwork may be boring but trust us; document everything! Write down dates of incidents when they threatened you or acted abusively towards you. Keep texts/emails as evidence if possible because this will come in handy later on should things escalate legally.

• Seek support from friends, family, or professionals who understand how to deal with narcissists.

It takes a village (or at least one therapist) to leave a self-absorbed partner behind. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help during this time – there are people who have been through similar situations and can offer invaluable advice/support!

• Create an escape plan that includes finding a safe place to stay and moving personal belongings out of reach of the husband.

Remember those fire drills we did in school? Think of this as your adult version where instead of putting on masks, you’re packing bags! Plan ahead by figuring out where you’ll go once you leave and what items need prioritizing while packing up your stuff safely away from his grasp.

• Consider filing for divorce if the situation becomes unbearable or dangerous.

Divorce is never easy but sometimes it’s necessary especially when dealing with someone whose ego won’t allow him/her see reason. If he/she isn’t willing to change after all attempts then don’t be afraid to take legal action against them.

• Avoid engaging in arguments with a narcissistic partner as they may use it against you later on.

Narcissists love drama just not the kind that doesn’t involve them. Keep your conversations short and sweet, don’t engage in any arguments or debates as they will use it against you later on.

• Limit communication with the spouse after separation unless necessary for legal reasons.

Out of sight is out of mind! Once you’ve left, limit contact with him/her to only what’s absolutely necessary like discussing divorce proceedings or child custody arrangements. Otherwise, ghosting can be a viable option.

• Take care of mental health through therapy or self-care practices during this difficult time.

It’s okay not to feel okay but it’s not okay to let those feelings consume you. Make sure to take care of yourself mentally by engaging in activities that make you happy such as yoga, meditation etc., and also seek professional help if needed.

• Be prepared for the narcissistic husband to try and manipulate or guilt trip you into staying.

Narcissists are experts at using emotional manipulation tactics so prepare yourself for their crocodile tears when they realize they’re losing control over their partner. Stay strong!

• Set boundaries with the spouse to prevent them from invading your personal space or contacting you excessively.

Boundaries are key! Establish clear limits regarding how much interaction he/she has access too including visits/phone calls/texts etc.

• Do not rely on the narcissistic partner’s promises of change as they are unlikely to follow through.

Promises made by a narcissist should always come with an asterisk because chances are there won’t be any follow-through. Don’t fall prey!

• Get legal advice before taking any drastic measures, such as changing locks or restraining orders.

Legal action may need backing up especially when dealing with someone who thinks rules do not apply to them; get proper counsel first before making decisions that could land one in trouble.

• Keep evidence of any abuse or harassment by recording conversations, saving texts/emails etc.

The truth shall set us free! Keep any evidence of abuse and harassment as it will come in handy when making legal decisions. Record conversations if possible or save texts/emails as proof.

• Avoid trying to reason with a narcissist as they often lack empathy and only care about their own needs/wants.

Trying to have an intellectual conversation with someone who thinks the world revolves around them is like talking to a brick wall; pointless. Save your breath!

• Consider involving law enforcement if there is physical violence involved in the relationship.

If you feel unsafe at any point, don’t hesitate to involve law enforcement. Your safety comes first before anything else.

• Understand that leaving a narcissistic partner can be emotionally challenging but ultimately necessary for one’s well-being.

It’s okay not to be okay during this process because it isn’t easy but remember why you are doing what you’re doing- for your overall wellbeing!

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