Leaving a covert narcissist

• Accepting that the covert narcissist will never change is a crucial first step in leaving them.

Listen, honey. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks and you sure as hell can’t make a narcissist realize they’re not the center of the universe. It’s time to accept that this person isn’t going to magically become self-aware and start treating you with respect. Once you come to terms with this fact, it’ll be easier for you to move on from their toxic behavior.

• Setting clear boundaries and sticking to them can help protect oneself from the manipulations of a covert narcissist.

Boundaries are like fences around your emotional garden – without them, anyone (including sneaky little narcs) can trample all over your feelings! Make sure you set clear limits about what behaviors are acceptable or unacceptable when dealing with your ex-narcissistic partner. And most importantly, stick to those boundaries even if they try every trick in the book!

• Leaving a covert narcissist may require seeking support from friends, family, or mental health professionals.

This one’s simple: don’t go through it alone! Call up your bestie who always knows how to cheer you up after bad dates; tell momma bear what’s been going on so she can give her two cents (and some homemade cookies); find yourself a therapist who specializes in trauma recovery because let me tell ya…you’re gonna need it!

• Recognizing and addressing codependent behaviors can be essential for successfully leaving a covert narcissist.

If we had nickels for every time someone said “I’m just too nice” while trying to explain why they stayed in an abusive relationship…well, we’d have enough money for therapy sessions ourselves! But seriously folks – recognizing codependency patterns within yourself is key here. Remember that being kind doesn’t mean sacrificing our own well-being at any cost.

• Documenting instances of abuse or manipulation by the covert narcissist can provide evidence if legal action becomes necessary.

Let’s face it, sometimes we need a paper trail to prove our point. Keep records of texts, emails, and any other communication that shows how your ex-narcissistic partner has been treating you. And don’t forget to take screenshots – those babies are worth their weight in gold!

• Planning ahead and securing financial independence before leaving a covert narcissist can reduce stress during the process.

Money talks! Make sure you’re financially independent before making moves towards cutting ties with your narc ex-partner. Trust us when we say this will save you from so much unnecessary stress during this already difficult time.

• Identifying one’s own values and priorities can make it easier to resist being drawn back into an unhealthy relationship with a covert narcissist.

Take some time for self-reflection here: what’s important to YOU? What do YOU want out of life? Knowing these things about yourself makes it harder for someone else (like your sneaky little narccy-poo) to convince you otherwise. Stay true to yourself!

• Being prepared for the covert narcissist’s potential reactions, such as gaslighting or smear campaigns, can help one stay strong during the leaving process.

Oh boy…this is where they really start showing their true colors! Be ready for anything because trust me when I say that nothing is off-limits when dealing with someone who wants control over everything around them. Remember that no matter what kind of crazy-making stuff they throw at ya’, it doesn’t change reality; stick firm on knowing what’s right vs wrong!

• Recognizing that leaving a covert narcissist may involve grief and loss is important for emotional preparation.

It ain’t easy saying goodbye even if it means getting rid of something toxic like old leftovers in your fridge! It’s okay to feel sad after ending things with someone who hurt you. Recognize that this is a normal part of the process and give yourself permission to grieve.

• Focusing on self-care and healing after leaving a covert narcissist can aid in long-term recovery from the relationship.

You’ve been through some tough stuff, so now it’s time to focus on YOU! Take up yoga or meditation (or both), go for walks in nature, take bubble baths with candles…whatever helps you feel good inside. Remember: taking care of your own emotional well-being is essential when recovering from an abusive relationship.

• Finding healthy ways to cope with triggers or trauma related to the relationship with a covert narcissist is crucial after leaving them.

It’s like they say – “old habits die hard.” Even though you’re no longer dealing with their toxic behavior directly, those old feelings might still come back every once in awhile. Find healthy ways to deal with these emotions such as writing in a journal, talking it out with friends/family/therapist etc., exercising… anything that makes you feel better!

• Identifying red flags of toxic behavior early on in future relationships can prevent falling into another abusive dynamic similar to that of a covert narcissist.

Fool me once, shame on narcy-poo; fool me twice…well let’s just say we don’t want any repeats here! Learn what signs indicate someone may be emotionally manipulative before getting too involved next time around. Trust us – your heart will thank ya’ later!

• Understanding that it takes time and patience to fully recover from an emotionally abusive relationship with a covert narcissist is key to staying committed to growth and healing.

Remember Rome wasn’t built-in-a-day honey! Healing takes time but eventually things get easier – promise!! Stay patient & kind towards yourself while working through all those complicated emotions associated w/ ending things w/ your ex-narcissistic partner. Keep going because one day soon enough life will be better than ever before!

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