How does a covert narcissist feel when you leave him?

• A covert narcissist may feel abandoned and rejected when their partner leaves them.

When a covert narcissist is left by their partner, they might feel like the world has ended. They believe that they are entitled to constant admiration and attention from others, so being left can be seen as a personal attack on their ego. It’s almost like taking away an oxygen tank from someone who needs it to breathe – without validation, they struggle to survive.

• They might also experience a sense of betrayal, as they believe that their partner should always prioritize them above anyone else.

Covert narcissists have an inflated sense of self-importance. When you leave them, it feels like you’ve broken some sort of sacred vow because in their minds, your life should revolve around theirs. How dare you put yourself first? Don’t you know how amazing and special they are?

• The loss of control over the relationship can be particularly distressing for a covert narcissist, who often relies on manipulation tactics to maintain power dynamics in their relationships.

Covert narcissists love feeling powerful and in control at all times. Leaving means losing this power dynamic which causes extreme anxiety for these individuals since now there is no one left to manipulate or gaslight into submission anymore!

• However, some covert narcissists may not show any outward signs of distress or sadness when their partner leaves them. Instead, they may try to convince themselves (and others) that they were never really invested in the relationship anyway.

Some people with covert narcisissm will deny ever having been emotionally involved with someone after being dumped just so nobody thinks less highly about them! This denial helps protect what little remains of their fragile egos while still maintaining the illusion that everything was under control even though deep down inside things were falling apart!

• In many cases,a covert narcissist will struggle with feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem after being left by their partner.This is because without someone to constantly validate and admire them, they are forced to confront the reality that they are not as special or important as they believed themselves to be.

Without constant validation from others, covert narcissists can feel lost and alone. They might even start questioning their own self-worth which is a big problem for these individuals since it’s always been so high! It’s like taking away Superman’s cape – he feels powerless!

• Some covert narcissists may even become angry or vengeful towards their former partners if they perceive the breakup as an attack on their ego.

Covert narcissists don’t take kindly to rejection. If you leave them, expect some serious backlash in return! They will do whatever it takes (even if it means destroying your reputation) just so nobody thinks less of them after being dumped by someone who was supposed to love and adore them forevermore!

• It’s worth noting that every individual is different – while these reactions are common among people with covert narcissistic traits, there is no one “correct” way for a person to respond emotionally when faced with rejection or abandonment.

It doesn’t matter how much research has been done on this topic; everyone reacts differently when faced with rejection. Just remember: leaving a covert narcisissist isn’t easy but sometimes necessary especially if you want peace of mind knowing that YOU deserve better than what THEY could ever offer!

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