Leaving a somatic narcissist

• Cutting off all contact with the somatic narcissist is often necessary for emotional healing.

When it comes to leaving a somatic narcissist, cutting off all communication may seem harsh. But trust us on this one – you don’t want them lurking around in your life like an annoying mosquito that just won’t go away. It’s time to swat ’em and move on!

• The first step in leaving a somatic narcissist is recognizing and accepting their manipulative behaviors.

It can be tough to admit that someone you love (or loved) has been manipulating you left, right, and center. But once you’ve recognized these behaviors for what they are, it’s easier to take action and leave them behind. Think of it as Marie Kondo-ing your relationships: if they’re not bringing joy into your life, toss ’em out!

• Finding support from friends, family, or a therapist can help individuals leave a somatic narcissist safely.

You know who else sparks joy? Friends! And family! And therapists! These folks will have your back when things get tough during the breakup process. Plus, therapy sessions give you an excuse to cry while eating ice cream without anyone judging you…not that we would ever do such a thing…

• Somatic narcissists may try to guilt trip or gaslight their partners into staying but it’s important to stay firm in one’s decision to leave.

Ahh yes, the old “guilt trip/gaslight” combo platter – classic moves by any self-respecting toxic ex-partner. Don’t fall for it though; stick with your gut feeling about getting outta there ASAP!

• Leaving a somatic narcissist may involve creating an exit plan and taking steps towards financial independence if needed.

Listen up y’all: planning ahead pays off bigtime when dealing with breakups involving somatic narcs. Make sure ya got some cash stashed away, and know where you’re gonna go when it’s time to hit the road. You got this!

• It’s common for individuals leaving a somatic narcissist to experience feelings of grief, anger, and confusion during the process.

Breaking up is hard to do – especially when your ex-partner was such an expert at manipulating your emotions. But take heart: these feelings are normal! Just remember that they won’t last forever (kinda like those pesky fruit flies in your kitchen).

• Engaging in self-care practices such as therapy, exercise, and mindfulness can aid in post-breakup recovery.

After breaking free from a somatic narc relationship, taking care of yourself is key. Whether it’s hitting the gym or meditating on a mountaintop somewhere (okay maybe not that extreme), make sure you’re doing things that bring joy into your life…and don’t involve any toxic exes!

• Somatic narcissists may try to hoover their ex-partners back into the relationship by using flattery or gifts.

Watch out folks – there ain’t no Hoover vacuum cleaner involved here! Instead we’ve got some serious manipulation tactics being deployed by our favorite type of person: the somatic narc. Don’t be fooled though; just because they brought ya flowers doesn’t mean they’ve changed their ways…

• It’s important for individuals leaving a somatic narcissist to set boundaries and stick to them in order to protect themselves from further manipulation.

Boundaries people – let us repeat ourselves: BOUNDARIES!!! These are essential after breaking up with someone who has been controlling every aspect of your life. So lay down some ground rules about what behaviors will no longer be tolerated…or else!

• Leaving a somatic narcissist can be challenging but it’s ultimately worth it for one’s mental health and well-being.

We’ll admit it: breakups suck bigtime. But trust us when we say that leaving a somatic narc is worth the effort. You’ll feel lighter, happier, and more like yourself than ever before (minus all those pesky fruit flies).

• Seeking legal advice may be necessary if the somatic narcissist has been financially abusive or threatening towards their partner.

Listen up folks: sometimes breakups involving somatic narcs can get messy – real messy. That’s why it might be time to call in some reinforcements…aka lawyers! Protect yo’ self from any financial abuse or threats; these ain’t no joke!

• Recovery from leaving a somatic narcissist is often a process that involves ups and downs but with time and support, healing is possible.

Breaking free from a toxic relationship takes time y’all – there are gonna be good days and bad days along the way. But remember this: you’re not alone! With some help from your friends/family/therapist/coworkers/random strangers on Twitter/etc., recovery IS possible!

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