Will a narcissist leave you alone after divorce?

• Narcissists may continue to harass and stalk their ex-partners even after a divorce. These self-absorbed individuals can’t stand the thought of someone not being obsessed with them, so they’ll do anything in their power to keep tabs on their former flame.

• Divorce does not necessarily mean the end of contact with a narcissist, as they may use children or legal proceedings as excuses to stay in touch. Yes, that’s right – just when you think you’re finally rid of them, those pesky little offspring come along and give your ex an excuse to hang around like a bad smell.

• A narcissist’s desire for control and attention can lead them to try and maintain some level of influence over their ex-spouse’s life post-divorce. They want to be involved in every aspect of your life because without you, who will stroke their ego?

• The intensity of a narcissist’s behavior towards an ex-spouse could be influenced by factors such as the length of the marriage, whether there are children involved, and how much support they received during the relationship. Basically if you were married for 20 years with three kids and always told them how amazing they were (even though we all know it wasn’t true), then expect things to get pretty intense once you file for divorce.

• It is possible that a narcissist will eventually move on from their former partner if they find someone new who meets their needs better. However, this is not guaranteed, especially if they feel rejected by their previous spouse. Ah yes…the classic rebound relationship where our favorite narc finds another victim willing enough feed into his/her delusions.

• Narcissists may use social media or other means to monitor their ex-partners even after a divorce which can make it difficult for them to move on. Let’s face it; Facebook stalking has become somewhat socially acceptable these days but having your psycho-ex watching everything you do is a whole different ball game.

• The level of contact from a narcissist post-divorce could also depend on how much they feel they have “won” in the settlement and whether they believe their ex-spouse is still useful to them in some way. If your ex feels like he/she didn’t come out victorious, then expect some serious trouble. They’ll be back with an army of lawyers just waiting to pounce.

• Some narcissists may try to rekindle the relationship with their former partner after divorce if they feel like they are losing control over them. Yes, because nothing says true love quite like trying to manipulate someone into getting back together with you!

• A narcissist’s behavior towards an ex-spouse could escalate if they perceive that person as having moved on and found happiness without them. God forbid we find happiness without our beloved narc! How dare we move on?!

• Despite legal orders such as restraining orders, some narcissists will continue to harass and intimidate their ex-partner long after the divorce has been finalized. Because let’s face it; rules don’t apply when you’re dealing with a raging egomaniac who thinks the world revolves around him/her

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