Leaving a narcissistic husband and cutting all contact

• Cutting all contact with a narcissistic husband is essential for healing and moving on. You don’t want to be stuck in the same toxic cycle over and over again, do you? No way! Cut that cord and move forward towards better things!

• Narcissists often try to manipulate or guilt their partners into staying, so it’s important to stay firm in the decision to leave. Don’t let them suck you back in with promises of change or love bombing tactics – they’re just trying to get their supply back.

• Leaving a narcissistic partner can be emotionally difficult, but seeking support from friends, family, or therapy can help ease the process. It’s okay if you need some extra support during this time; we all have our moments where we need someone else to lean on.

• It’s important to make a safety plan before leaving if there are concerns about physical harm or retaliation from the narcissist. This isn’t an episode of “Survivor,” but it doesn’t hurt to think ahead when dealing with someone who may not take rejection well.

• Going no-contact means blocking them on social media, changing phone numbers/email addresses if necessary, and avoiding places where they may be likely  to show up unexpectedly. Think of it like playing hide-and-seek: except instead of hiding behind curtains, you’re hiding your entire life away from them!

• The first few weeks/months after cutting contact may be tough as the person adjusts to life without their former partner. But remember- Rome wasn’t built in a day! Give yourself grace and space while navigating through this transition period.

• It’s common for narcissists to try and hoover their ex-partner back in by promising change or love bombing; recognizing these tactics can help avoid falling back into old patterns. They’ll say anything under the sun just for another chance at control – don’t fall for it!

• While it may feel tempting at times to reach out or check in on the ex-narcissist, doing so will only prolong healing and potentially lead down a negative path again. Remember: there’s no use crying over spilled milk- especially when that milk was sour to begin with!

• It’s important to remember that leaving a narcissistic partner is not the end of the journey, but rather the beginning of healing and self-discovery. You’re about to embark on an exciting new chapter – one where you can finally put yourself first.

• Narcissists often try to gaslight their partners into believing they are crazy or at fault for problems in the relationship; it’s essential to trust one’s own instincts and seek validation from trusted sources. Don’t let them make you think your gut feeling is wrong! Trust yourself – because chances are, you’re right.

• Cutting all contact may mean losing some mutual friends or acquaintances who side with the narcissist; this can be painful but ultimately necessary for moving forward. This might feel like ripping off a bandaid…but sometimes it has got to go!

• Some people choose to hire an attorney or mediator when separating from a narcissistic spouse, especially if there are financial assets or children involved. Let’s just say – having someone who knows what they’re doing by your side during these tumultuous times could save you lots of headaches (and money) down the road.

• It’s common for those leaving a narcissistic partner to experience feelings of guilt, shame, or low self-esteem due to years of emotional abuse; therapy can help address these issues and build confidence. Therapy isn’t just reserved for people going through drastic life changes- everyone could benefit from talking things out every once in awhile!

• Going no-contact means avoiding any form of communication with the ex-partner, including responding  to messages through third parties (such as family members). Think “ghosting” but with a much better outcome for your mental health!

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