When a narcissistic mother won’t leave you alone

• The narcissistic mother may have a strong need for control and attention.

– Imagine if you will, the world’s smallest violin playing just for her. Narcissists crave attention like Cookie Monster craves cookies. They want to be in control of everything around them because they believe that only their way is the right way.

• She may use guilt, manipulation, or even threats to keep her child close.

– Guilt trips are this momma bear’s favorite mode of transportation. If she can’t manipulate with sad puppy dog eyes then she’ll resort to more drastic measures like threatening disinheritance or cutting off contact completely.

• Boundaries are important when dealing with a narcissistic parent, but they can be difficult to establish and maintain.

– It’s like trying to build a fence around your garden while the neighbor’s goat keeps jumping over it and eating all your veggies. Setting boundaries with someone who doesn’t respect them is an uphill battle.

• It’s common for the child of a narcissist to feel trapped or suffocated by their presence.

– Like being stuck in an elevator with someone who won’t stop talking about themselves…for hours on end…while wearing too much perfume/cologne. Suffocating indeed!

• Seeking therapy or support from others who understand the situation can be helpful in coping with this type of relationship.

– Talking things out with friends and family members can help alleviate some stress but sometimes professional help is needed – therapists aren’t just for people who wear tweed jackets and smoke pipes anymore!

• Cutting off contact completely is not always possible or desirable, especially if there are other family members involved.

– You don’t want Aunt Edna getting caught up in the crossfire just because Mommy Dearest has boundary issues.

• Learning how to assert oneself and set healthy boundaries is key in managing interactions with a narcissistic parent.

– Think Arnold Schwarzenegger saying “I’ll be back” in Terminator but instead of a robot, it’s you and your newfound sense of self-worth.

• It’s important for the child of a narcissist to prioritize their own emotional well-being and seek out positive relationships outside of the family dynamic.

– You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first so that you’re better equipped to deal with Momzilla when she comes knocking at your door.

• The narcissistic mother may try to undermine the child’s independence and self-esteem.

– “You’ll never amount to anything without me!” is her favorite phrase – right after “I’m not like other moms, I’m a cool mom!”

• She may criticize or belittle the child in order to maintain control over them.

– Think Regina George from Mean Girls but replace “fetch” with whatever aspect about yourself that makes her feel threatened.

• Narcissists often struggle with empathy and are unable to see things from another person’s perspective.

– They wouldn’t know empathy if it walked up and punched them in the face…which would probably just make them angry anyways.

• A narcissistic parent may view their child as an extension of themselves rather than a separate individual with unique needs and desires.

– If they could clone themselves they totally would. But since science isn’t quite there yet, they have children instead!

• Setting boundaries can be challenging when dealing with someone who doesn’t respect your autonomy or feelings.

– It’s like trying to teach calculus to a toddler; frustratingly difficult because neither party understands what the other is saying.

• In some cases, it may be necessary for the child of a narcissist to seek legal assistance or involve authorities if they feel threatened or harassed by their parent.

– When all else fails sometimes lawyers need get involved – just remember that Judge Judy won’t always be available on speed dial!

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