How to get a narcissist ex to leave you alone

• Block your ex’s phone number and social media accounts: This is a no-brainer, folks. If you don’t want to hear from someone, block them! It’s like putting up an invisible barrier that says “I’m done with your shenanigans.” Plus, it saves you the trouble of having to constantly hit decline on their calls or delete their messages.

• Avoid responding to any communication attempts from your ex: Look, we get it – sometimes curiosity gets the best of us. But if you’re serious about getting this narcissist out of your life for good (and trust us, you should be), then resist the urge to engage in conversation with them. No matter how tempting it may be!

• Consider obtaining a restraining order if necessary: Okay, so maybe blocking and ignoring isn’t enough. If things are really bad and you feel unsafe around this person, take legal action! A restraining order can help keep them at bay while also giving you some peace of mind.

• Surround yourself with supportive friends and family members who can provide emotional support during this difficult time: You know what they say – misery loves company! Just kidding…kinda. But seriously though, having people in your corner who understand what you’re going through can make all the difference when dealing with a toxic ex.

• Seek therapy or counseling to process the trauma of the relationship and learn healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with intrusive thoughts or feelings about your ex: Look y’all – there ain’t no shame in seeking professional help! Therapy is great for working through past traumas (like being in a relationship with a narcissist) and developing new ways of coping when those pesky memories come creeping back into our minds.

• Do not engage in arguments or confrontations with your narcissist ex-partner as this will only fuel their desire for attention and control over you: Listen up buttercup; arguing won’t solve anything here except maybe make the situation worse. Remember, narcissists thrive on attention and drama – so don’t give them what they want!

• Be mindful of stalking behaviors such as following you home, showing up uninvited at events, or monitoring your online activity: If this person is going full-on stalker mode (and let’s be real here, some will), take it seriously! Keep track of any incidents and report them to authorities if necessary.

• Remember that leaving a narcissistic partner is an act of self-care and self-preservation; prioritize your own well-being above all else: Repeat after me…you come first! Leaving a toxic relationship can be scary but ultimately it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself. So keep putting yourself first and watch how everything else falls into place.

• Refrain from engaging in any form of contact with your ex-partner including responding to their messages or calls: We know we already said this but it bears repeating – DO NOT ENGAGE! No matter how much they beg or plead or try to guilt trip you into talking to them again. Stay strong!

• Avoid discussing your personal life or plans with mutual friends who may share information with your ex: Look y’all – snitches get stitches. Okay not really (violence isn’t the answer!) but seriously though, avoid sharing too much info about yourself with people who might pass it along to someone you’re trying to avoid.

• Change your phone number and email address if necessary to prevent further communication attempts from your ex-partner: This one may seem extreme but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. If changing contact info means getting rid of a toxic presence in your life then hey, why not?

• Consider moving to a new location or changing jobs if you feel unsafe due to persistent stalking behaviors by your ex-partner: Again, another drastic measure but safety should always be top priority when dealing with stalkers. If you need to move or switch jobs in order to feel safe, then do what you gotta do!

• Seek legal advice regarding the possibility of obtaining a restraining order against your narcissist ex-partner: We mentioned this one earlier but seriously – if things are getting out of hand and you’re feeling unsafe, seek legal help! A restraining order can be a lifesaver.

• Be prepared for potential backlash as some narcissists may escalate their behavior when they are no longer able to control their former partner: Narcissists don’t like losing control (shocker!) so it’s possible that your ex might try to lash out at you once they realize they’ve lost all power over you. Just stay strong and remember why you left in the first place.

• Practice self-care activities such as exercise, meditation, and spending time outdoors to reduce stress and anxiety during this challenging time: Self-care is crucial when dealing with any kind of trauma or stress. So take care of yourself by doing things that make YOU happy! Go for a hike, meditate on a mountaintop…okay maybe not that last one but y’all get the idea.

• Remember that healing is a process that takes time; be patient with yourself and seek support from trusted individuals throughout the journey: Healing isn’t linear folks – it’s messy and complicated and sometimes feels like two steps forward, three steps back. But just know that it IS possible! And surround yourself with people who love and support you through every step of the way.

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