Why would a narcissist leave you for someone else?

• Narcissists crave attention and admiration, so they may leave their current partner for someone who can provide them with more of it.

Narcissists need constant validation that they are the center of the universe. They want to be adored, worshiped, and praised like a Greek god or goddess. If their current partner is not giving them enough attention or compliments, they will look elsewhere. It’s like trying on different hats until you find one that fits perfectly – except in this case, the hat is a person.

• They often see relationships as a competition or game to win, and leaving for someone else is a way to show their superiority.

To narcissists, life is all about winning. Relationships are no exception. Leaving one partner for another makes them feel powerful because it shows that they have options and can choose whoever they want. It’s like playing musical chairs but instead of sitting down when the music stops, you get to pick your favorite chair before anyone else has a chance.

• Narcissists have a tendency to idealize new partners before getting to know them fully, leading them to believe that this person will fulfill all of their needs better than the previous partner.

Narcissists love shiny new things – especially people! When they meet someone new who seems perfect in every way (according to their own standards), they become infatuated with them immediately. This blind optimism leads them into thinking that this new relationship will solve all of their problems and make everything right again…until it doesn’t.

• They may also feel entitled to constantly seek out new sources of validation and excitement in order to maintain their inflated sense of self-importance.

Being validated by just one person isn’t enough for narcissists; there must be multiple sources at any given time! Seeking out other romantic interests gives narcissists an adrenaline rush unlike anything else because each conquest reinforces how great and desirable they are (in theory).

• If the narcissist perceives any criticism or disagreement from their current partner, they may view it as an attack on their ego and choose to leave rather than face potential rejection.

Narcissists can’t handle being wrong or criticized in any way. They see themselves as perfect beings who are always right – so when someone challenges that notion, all hell breaks loose! Rather than admit fault or try to work through issues with their partner, a narcissist will likely cut ties altogether because they simply cannot bear the thought of being rejected by anyone (even if it’s just for one moment).

• Some narcissists simply enjoy the thrill of pursuing multiple romantic interests at once and do not prioritize loyalty or commitment in relationships.

To some people, juggling several partners at once is like a high-wire act without a safety net: risky but exhilarating. Narcissists fall into this category because they don’t believe in monogamy; why settle for one person when you can have two…or three? Loyalty and commitment mean nothing to them because those values require putting someone else before oneself – something that goes against everything a true narcissist stands for!

• Leaving one relationship for another allows the narcissist to avoid taking responsibility for any issues within the original partnership by blaming it solely on the other person.

Taking ownership of mistakes isn’t easy – especially when you’re convinced that you never make any! When things go south in a relationship, many people look inwardly first to see what could be done differently next time. But not narcissists! In their minds, everything bad is caused by external factors (usually other people). So instead of trying to fix anything with their current partner, they’ll just jump ship entirely and blame them for ruining everything.

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