Will a narcissist come back after leaving for someone else?

• It’s possible for a narcissist to come back after leaving for someone else.

– Yes, it is entirely possible. Narcissists are known for their unpredictability and erratic behavior; they can do whatever the hell they want.

• Narcissists may return if their new relationship doesn’t meet their expectations or if they need validation from past sources of supply.

– If the grass isn’t greener on the other side, then why not come back? And let’s be real here – who wouldn’t want some extra attention and validation?

• The likelihood of a narcissist coming back depends on the individual and the circumstances surrounding their departure.

– There are so many variables at play when dealing with a narcissistic partner that predicting whether or not they’ll return is like trying to predict which way the wind will blow.

• If the narcissist left because they found a more suitable source of supply, it’s less likely that they will return.

– Sorry folks, but if your ex-narcissistic partner has found someone better than you (in his/her eyes), chances are slim to none that he/she will ever look in your direction again.

• A narcissist may come back even if they are in another relationship because they believe they can juggle multiple partners at once.

– Ah yes, nothing screams “I’m emotionally stable” quite like having multiple partners simultaneously. Good luck with that one!

• When a narcissist returns, it’s often with an ulterior motive such as seeking revenge or using the person as secondary supply while maintaining other relationships.

– Don’t get too excited about your ex-partner returning just yet! They’re probably only doing it out of spite or boredom until something better comes along.

• The decision to take back a returning narcissist should be carefully considered as there is always potential for further emotional damage.

– Think long and hard before considering taking them back. Remember all those times you cried yourself to sleep? Yeah, that could happen again.

• Narcissists often have a pattern of leaving and returning to past sources of supply, so it’s not uncommon for them to come back after leaving for someone else.

– If they’ve done it before, then chances are high that they’ll do it again. It’s like clockwork!

• The length of time the narcissist has been gone may affect their likelihood of coming back. If they’ve moved on completely, they’re less likely to return.

– Time heals all wounds (except maybe those inflicted by narcissistic exes). But if enough time passes and you haven’t heard from them – count your blessings and move on.

• A narcissist may use the new relationship as a way to make their ex-partner jealous or seek revenge before attempting to come back.

– They say “revenge is a dish best served cold,” but in this case, I think we can agree that any form of revenge just leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

• It’s important for those who have been left by a narcissist not to wait around or hold out hope that they will return, as this can lead to further emotional damage.

– Don’t sit around waiting for them; life is too short! Take some time for self-care and healing instead. You deserve it!

• In some cases, if the person being left is also a source of primary supply for the narcissist, there is an increased chance that they will be pursued again in the future.

– Sorry folks – if you were his/her main squeeze once upon a time (and still might be), then you’re probably going to get caught up in their web yet again.

• When considering whether or not a narcissist will come back after leaving for someone else, it’s essential not only focus on their behavior but also one’s own healing process and personal well-being.

– Let’s not forget the most important person in all of this – YOU! Take care of yourself first and foremost. The rest will fall into place eventually.

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