Leaving the narcissist before the discard

• Leaving a narcissist before the discard is often referred to as “getting out ahead of time.”

This means that you’re taking charge of your own life and getting the heck outta there before things get even worse. You don’t want to stick around for their grand finale, trust us.

• This means recognizing early warning signs and taking action before the situation becomes dangerous or unbearable.

It’s important to pay attention to those little red flags that pop up in any relationship – but especially with a narcissist. If they start showing controlling behavior, lack empathy, or gaslighting tactics, it’s time to take action!

• Some common red flags that signal it’s time to leave include emotional abuse, gaslighting, controlling behavior, and lack of empathy.

If your partner makes you feel like crap all the time (emotionally speaking), constantly questions your sanity or memory recall abilities (gaslighting), tells you what you can/can’t do 24/7 (controlling), or just doesn’t seem capable of feeling anything other than self-love…it might be time for them to hit the road instead.

• It can be difficult to leave a narcissistic partner because they may have manipulated you into thinking you need them or that you’re overreacting.

Narcissists are master manipulators who know how to play on our emotions like fiddles. They make us think we need them when really we’d be better off without ’em! Plus if anyone knows about overreacting…

• However, leaving is crucial for your own mental health and safety.

You deserve happiness and love in this world – not someone who drains every ounce of energy from your soul until there’s nothing left. Get yourself some peace by hitting eject on this toxic person ASAP!

• Before leaving, it’s important to create a plan for where you will go and how you will support yourself financially if necessary.

You don’t want to end up living in your car or on a friend’s couch for months on end, do you? Take some time to plan out where you’ll go and how you’ll support yourself if things get rocky.

• You should also consider seeking therapy or counseling both during and after the breakup process.

Therapy is like a warm blanket that wraps around your heart – it helps soothe those wounds left behind by narcissistic relationships. Plus, it can help prepare you for what lies ahead!

• Narcissists may try to hoover their ex-partners back in with promises of change or love bombing tactics – stay strong and remember why you left in the first place.

Don’t fall for their tricks! They might be all sweet talkin’ now but they’re just trying to keep their ego boost (aka YOU) around. Stay strong and remind yourself why leaving was the best decision ever made.

• Finally, surround yourself with supportive friends and family who understand what you’ve been through.

These people will become your rock when times get tough (and trust us, they will). Find someone who gets it so well that they could write a book about narcissism themselves!

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