How to trick a narcissist into leaving

• Pretend to be more successful than the narcissist, they will feel inferior and leave.

If you want a narcissist to leave, make them feel like an absolute failure. Tell them about all of your successes in life while subtly hinting at their shortcomings. This way, they’ll see that they can’t compete with someone as amazing as you and ultimately decide to pack up their bags.

• Ignore or reject their attempts at getting attention, this will make them lose interest in you.

When dealing with a narcissist who just won’t go away, try ignoring them completely. Don’t respond to any texts or calls from them and don’t give them the time of day when you’re around each other. Eventually, they’ll realize that there are better things out there for them besides trying to get your attention.

• Find a way to blame them for something without making it obvious, they will get defensive and leave.

Narcissists hate being blamed for anything because it goes against everything they stand for – perfection! So if you want one to hit the road fast, find some sneaky ways of blaming him/her for stuff without making it too obvious. They’ll start feeling attacked and eventually run off into the sunset (or wherever else self-absorbed people hang out).

• Use reverse psychology by praising them excessively for leaving; they may actually do it just to prove you wrong.

Sometimes telling someone exactly what not do is enough motivation for those stubborn types out there who love nothing more than proving others wrong! If your goal is getting rid of a narcissistic person in your life ASAP then showering him/her with compliments might work wonders!

-Make yourself unavailable by being busy with other things all the time; he/she will eventually find someone else who is available

Being busy isn’t always bad news – especially if we’re talking about avoiding annoying people! When dealing with an overly clingy individual whose company makes you want to pull your hair out, try making yourself unavailable. The narcissist in question will soon realize that there are other people out there who can give them the attention they crave.

• Act uninterested in everything that interests the narcissist and refuse to engage in conversation about those topics.

If you’re trying to get rid of a self-centered individual from your life, then acting like their hobbies or passions don’t interest you is one way of doing it! Refuse to engage with them on any level when it comes to these things. Eventually, they’ll find someone else who shares their interests (or lack thereof).

• Make up an excuse of moving away or needing space from everyone including him/her.

Sometimes honesty isn’t always the best policy – especially if we’re dealing with a person whose ego is bigger than Texas! If all else fails and nothing seems to be working when it comes down getting rid of a narcissistic person from our lives just say: “I’m sorry but I’m moving away” – even if this means going as far as Antarctica!

• Create a situation where the narcissist feels like they are not in control; this will make them uncomfortable and leave.

Narcissists love being in control so much that sometimes creating situations where they feel powerless could do wonders for us mere mortals looking for some peace and quiet! Try taking charge more often around said individual until he/she starts feeling uneasy. This should ultimately lead towards his/her departure.

• Make subtle hints that you have found someone else who is more interesting than them; they will feel replaced and leave.

Let’s face it: nobody likes feeling replaceable – especially not those individuals whose entire existence revolves around themselves! So why not use this fact against them? Start dropping subtle hints about how amazing another guy/girl is without naming names. Chances are high enough that he/she won’t stick around long after hearing something like this.

• Use their own tactics against them by making it seem like leaving was their idea all along.

Narcissists love feeling like they’re in control of every situation. So why not use this to our advantage? Start dropping hints about how unhappy you are with the relationship without being too obvious, and let him/her think that leaving is his/her decision. He/she will feel powerful and leave on a high note!

• Be overly critical of everything they do to the point where they cannot handle your criticism anymore; causing them to give up on trying to control you.

Sometimes tough love is just what we need when dealing with an overbearing person who won’t take no for an answer! If nothing else seems to be working try criticizing every little thing he/she does until eventually giving up altogether – after all, nobody can withstand constant negativity forever!

• Pretend as if you don’t need anything from him/her or anyone at all so he/she can get bored with you.

If there’s one thing narcissistic people hate more than anything it’s boredom. Try pretending as if you don’t need any help or attention from anyone – including said individual – and watch as he/she starts losing interest fast!

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