When a narcissist leaves you pregnant

• Narcissists may leave their partners pregnant as a means of exerting control over them.

Narcissists are notorious for using any and every opportunity to assert their dominance over others. Pregnancy is no exception. By leaving you pregnant, they hope to keep you tethered to them indefinitely so that they can continue to manipulate and control your life.

• They may also use the pregnancy to manipulate and guilt-trip their partner into staying with them.

Nothing screams “I’m not going anywhere” like an unexpected bun in the oven. Narcissistic individuals know this all too well, which is why some will go out of their way to make sure their partner gets knocked up before making a run for it. Once you’re carrying his child, he knows you’ll be less likely to kick him out or cut ties altogether because what kind of monster would abandon a pregnant woman?

• Narcissistic individuals often lack empathy and can be emotionally abusive towards their partners, especially during pregnancy.

Pregnancy can be an emotional rollercoaster ride even under ideal circumstances, but add a narcissist’s callousness into the mix? Buckle up! These self-absorbed jerks have zero regard for anyone else’s feelings – including yours when dealing with morning sickness or mood swings – which makes being around one while growing another human being inside of you extra challenging.

• Some narcissists may abandon their pregnant partner altogether, leaving them to deal with the physical, emotional, and financial challenges of parenthood alone.

If there ever was a time when someone needed support from those closest to her (and maybe even help tying her shoes), it’s during pregnancy. Unfortunately for women who find themselves abandoned by narcissistic partners at this critical juncture in life…well let’s just say things aren’t looking great on either front: physically or emotionally!

• It is not uncommon for narcissists to deny paternity or refuse to provide support for the child they fathered before abandoning their partner.

Because narcissists are known for being self-centered and lacking empathy, it’s no surprise that some may try to weasel out of taking responsibility for a child they helped create. If you’re dealing with this kind of deadbeat dad-to-be, just know that there is help available (and probably an entire subreddit filled with people who can relate).

• Pregnant women who have been in relationships with narcissistic individuals are at risk of experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety due to the trauma inflicted by these partners.

As if pregnancy wasn’t hard enough already! Dealing with a narcissist during pregnancy can leave emotional scars that last long after childbirth. This makes new mothers especially vulnerable to developing postpartum depression or anxiety – something nobody should ever have to go through alone!

• The stress caused by dealing with a narcissist’s abandonment during pregnancy can negatively impact both maternal mental health and fetal development.

Stress isn’t great under any circumstances, but when you’re pregnant? It’s like adding insult to injury…or rather pain on top of nausea. Narcissists leaving their pregnant partners high and dry only exacerbates the situation by making things even more stressful than they need be which could lead not only harm your own mental state but also affect how well your baby develops inside you.

• Children born from relationships involving narcissistic parents are likely to experience emotional neglect or abuse that affects their long-term well-being.

If there was ever an argument against procreation among certain personality types, this would be it: children born into families where one parent has NPD tend not fare so well emotionally down the line according research studies conducted over time. So why take chances?

• Narcissists may use legal battles over custody or child support as a means of continuing to control and manipulate their former partner even after leaving them pregnant.

Just because he left doesn’t mean he’ll stay gone. Narcissists are notorious for using the legal system to continue tormenting their former partners – especially when children are involved. So if you thought he was out of your life after leaving you pregnant, think again!

• The trauma caused by being left pregnant by a narcissist can impact one’s ability to trust future romantic partners or form healthy attachments.

It’s hard enough trusting anyone these days without having been abandoned during pregnancy by someone who claimed they loved us (or at least liked us well enough). But that kind of betrayal leaves an emotional scar that may take some time and effort before it heals properly. Don’t rush into anything new until you’re ready!

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