Signs a narcissist is leaving you

• They will start to ignore your calls and messages: You’ll find yourself refreshing your inbox, waiting for a reply that never comes. It’s like trying to get blood from a stone – you’re just not going to hear back from them.

• Narcissists may become distant and uninterested in spending time with you: Suddenly they have “other plans” or are “too busy” when it comes to hanging out with you. The truth is, they’ve found someone else who can feed their ego better than you ever could.

• A narcissist may begin to criticize you more often or belittle your accomplishments: Nothing is ever good enough for them anymore. Even the things that used to make them proud of you now seem insignificant compared to what they think they deserve.

• You might notice that they are spending more time alone or with other people instead of with you: When was the last time they actually wanted to spend quality time together? If it feels like ages ago, then chances are something fishy is going on.

• They could be making plans without including you or not inviting you places anymore: That concert next week? Yeah, don’t bother getting excited about it because apparently there’s no room for two in this relationship anymore.

• The narcissist may act coldly towards you, showing little emotion when interacting with them: Remember those butterflies in your stomach every time he walked into the room? Well, prepare for an icy chill where his heart should be instead.

• They might stop being affectionate towards you, both physically and emotionally: No more hand-holding during walks or cuddling up on the couch at night. The only thing colder than their demeanor these days is their bed sheets at night (and honestly those probably haven’t been washed recently either).

• If the narcissist is leaving for someone else, they may flaunt their new relationship around to make sure that everyone knows about it: Cue the Instagram posts with captions like “new beginnings” and “so in love”. You can practically hear them shouting from the rooftops about their new partner, while you’re left feeling completely blindsided.

• The narcissist may start to avoid talking about the future with you or making plans together: Suddenly they don’t want to discuss that trip to Europe next year or even what’s for dinner tonight. It’s like they’ve checked out of your relationship entirely.

• They might become defensive when you bring up concerns about your relationship and dismiss your feelings as unimportant: Trying to have a conversation about how things are going? Good luck getting past their wall of defensiveness – it’s thicker than Fort Knox.

• A narcissist who is leaving you may suddenly become very generous, offering gifts or doing favors for you in an attempt to ease their guilt: Oh wow, flowers again? And he did all the dishes too? How sweet…or maybe just desperate?

• You might notice that they are grooming themselves more carefully than usual, perhaps preparing for a new partner: That haircut looks suspiciously fresh…and wait, is that cologne he never wore before? Yeah something tells me this isn’t just because he wants to look good for himself.

• Narcissists often leave abruptly without giving much explanation or warning, catching their partners off guard: One day everything seems fine and dandy and then BAM! Out of nowhere they drop the bombshell on you. Talk about whiplash…

• If the narcissist has been cheating on you, they may try to blame the breakup on something else entirely rather than taking responsibility for their actions: Apparently it was your fault all along (eye roll). Because nothing says accountability quite like blaming someone else instead!

• They could be less interested in sex or intimacy with you and seem disconnected during those moments: When physical touch feels more robotic than romantic these days…yeah there’s a problem.

• Finally, if a narcissist is leaving you it’s important to remember that this does not reflect on your worth as a person – it’s simply a reflection of their own internal issues and insecurities: You are amazing just the way you are! And honestly, they’re probably going to regret losing someone as awesome as you in the long run anyway.

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